How to Get Laid on Tinder

More Women, More Sex, More Love

Let me ask you, are you happy with your online dating results right now? 

As you think about that question you'll probably notice an uneasy, sinking and negative feeling deep in your gut. 

I don't want you to feel that way. 

But let's face it, online dating can be frustrating sometimes. You swipe, and swipe only to get a few matches here and there that never message back. 

Maybe you've even thought things like "does online dating even work?" or "this will never work for me because I'm not good looking or rich enough"

I know because I've been there. It's not fun. 

I spent a lot of money buying everything I could about online dating and a few years struggling and testing everything I could. It was BRUTAL at times. To get so excited about trying something new, or a tip that someone over-promised only for it to under-deliver. 

But sometimes I would I started seeing results from one thing or another.

Then I would see more results by trying out something else and before I knew it, I'd mastered online dating. 

I had a workable system that all I had to do was plug some stuff in and voila! I would have more matches and more dates than I'd ever thought possible for someone like me. 

A system that when I first started selling it sold for $595. But when a friend of mine came to me asking for help the first thing he said was "I can't afford that". At first I thought this was strange because he was my good friend, I was going to give it to him for free. 

But after talking to him I decided that he was right and that not everyone can afford $595. So I've since brought the price way down. 

Because I'm not rich and my intense love of pizza keeps me from being a supermodel and I assume the same is true of you. 

Not everyone should be rich or a supermodel to succeed on Tinder. Which is why I brought the price down. 

That way you don't have to be a supermodel or filthy rich to succeed. However, you do need to know how to present yourself, which is what a large part of this course teaches you how to do. 

Which, you'll realize when you think about it; is all online dating really is. A platform for you to present yourself in one way or another. Through your pictures as well as your messages.   

And luckily and fortunately for you, you don't have to go through the hair-pulling frustrations that I did. You don't have to get excited only to then be disappointed by Tinder anymore. 

Instead, you can choose a system that works for me, has worked for other guys and will continue to work for future men just like you. Men who at one time or another who have wanted to throw their phone across the room and yell about how unfair online dating is. 

A system, that with a little practice can become a mastered skill. 

And skills, you'll notice when you think about it, are things anybody can learn. Like learning how to ride a bike, play a game or so many other things in life. 

When you first try it you probably suck at it. Sure, there are those lucky few in the universe who are just good at something right away. 

But that's not everyone. And it doesn't have to be you either. 

Instead, what you have to do is make a choice. 

I can't force you to buy this course right now. Nor would I want to. 

That decision is completely, totally and unequivocally yours and yours alone. 

You can choose to click the big X in the corner of your screen and walk away right now if you want. 

But before you do let me ask you this: 

Are you happy with your dating life? Are you happy with the results you're getting from Tinder and online dating in general? 

Because years ago when I first got started I wasn't. I would have paid an arm and a leg to get this information. Information that took YEARS to acquire. YEARS of testing and tweaking every little, tiny detail you can imagine. 

And I couldn't be happier that I did. 

Because without all of that work I wouldn't get messages like this:

Nor would I get messages like this from guys who are finally happy with their results:

And don't worry, if you do buy right now and decide down the road that this isn't for you, you can ask for a refund. All you have to do is go to your email, type in "" in the contact and let me know. 

You have a full 30 days after purchase to go through the course and try it out. 

That way all of the risks are on me. 

But if you do buy this course right now, then you're free to send me an email telling me how it has worked for you. 

I love reading those emails :)

So again, if you're happy with the results that you're getting then click the X and leave. This course isn't for people who are already getting what they want. 

It's for the type of guy who is ready to make a change in his life. Someone like you who wants to get more dates from Tinder. 

So scroll down your page, read what a friend of mine had to say about the course and then look at the curriculum of the course below that. 

And as you read through that become aware of just how MASSIVE this course is. 

Because you're worth it. Get the course today and thank yourself tomorrow :)

What Other People Have to Say:

by Joel

Work's a little too well

by Joel

My profile has been working great lately, actually a little too well. I met someone I relate to on a whole other level, it's like the beautiful reflection of my personality injected into a feminine figure!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Section 1 - Introduction
    • Intro
    • Alexander's Zero to Hero Story
    • Alexander Zero to Hero
  • 2
    Section 2 - Early Mindsets
    • Before Getting Started: Location and Time Matters
    • Time is Against Us
    • Women Will Talk All Day
    • Section 2 Re-Cap
  • 3
    Section 3 - Different Ways to Meet Women
    • Different Ways to Meet Women
    • Who Online Dating is Good For
    • Common Objections
    • Online Dating Pros Vs. Other Styles
    • Online Dating Cons Vs. Other Styles
    • Should You Learn More Than One Style At Once?
    • Section 3 Homework
    • Section 3 Additional Resources
    • Section 3 Re-Cap
  • 4
    Section 4 - Behind the Scenes of Getting Great Pictures
    • What Are Online Women Looking For?
    • Picture Goals
    • Technical Details
    • Know What You Want
    • How to Attract The Women You Want: Choosing Your Image
    • Attractive Traits You Need in Your Profile
    • Maximizing Results With Your Style
    • Section 4 Homework
    • Section 4 Additional Resources
    • Section 4 Re-Cap
  • 5
    Section 5 - Secrets of Models: Prepping for Picture Day
    • Secrets of Models: Finding Your Good Side
    • Secrets of Models: How to Shoot Your Body
    • Section 5 Homework
    • Section 5 Additional Resources
  • 6
    Section 6 - How to Get Panty-Wetting Pictures
    • The Most Important Picture: Your Body Shot
    • How to Make Women Swoon With Your Face: Your Portrait
    • The Pro-Social Shot
    • Activity/Passion Pic[s]
    • Section 6 Homework
    • Section 6 Additional Resources
    • Section 6 Re-Cap
  • 7
    Section 7 - After Pictures
    • After You Get Your Pictures
    • After Getting Feedback
    • My PhotoFeeler Results
    • Closing Picture Notes
    • Section 7 Homework
    • Section 7 Additional Resources
    • Section 7 Re-Cap
  • 8
    Section 8 - Examples
    • Section 8 Additional Resources
  • 9
    Section 9 - The Profile
    • The Most Important Thing in Online Dating
    • The Next Most Important Thing in Online Dating
    • Developing a Panty-Dropping Profile
    • About Me Section
    • Section 9 Homework
    • Section 9 Re-Cap
  • 10
    Section 10 - Fun with Red Flags
    • Red Flags in Her Profile P1
    • Red Flags in Her Profile P2: Her Pics
    • Red Flags in Her Profile P3: Her Profile
    • Section 10 Re-Cap
  • 11
    Section 11 - Focus on the Many, Not The Few
    • Getting Leads
    • Why Are Many Leads Needed?
    • What If You Want One Single Special Someone?
    • Section 11 Additional Resources
    • Section 11 Re-Cap
  • 12
    Section 12 - The Messaging Process
    • Don't Make These Messaging Mistakes
    • How to Perfect Your First Message
    • How to Message Women to Get Dates
    • Section 12 Additional Resources
  • 13
    Section 13 - Dates
    • The Shocking Truth About First Dates
    • Talking Before The Date
    • Section 12 and 13 Homework
    • Section 13 Re-Cap
  • 14
    Section 14 - Common Issues and Their Solutions
    • Section 14 Re-Cap
  • 15
    Full Book - How to Get Laid on Tinder
    • How to Get Laid on Tinder

Imagine Waking Up To a Beautiful Woman After An Exciting Night

Notice and become aware of how amazing that would feel. To feel that excitement, joy and happiness deep in your gut whenever you wanted. Maybe you even have a smile just thinking about it right now. You can have that feeling. You just have to make the choice to get it:

Invest In Yourself and Your Happiness Today

What Happens If...

  • ... you don't get any matches and want a refund
    • Tell me within 30 days ( and I will give you a refund

  • ... you don't get any dates
    • Tell me within 30 days ( and I will give you a refund

  • ... you get more dates then you can handle
    • Tell your friends!

Why Is Your Course So Expensive?

"How To Get Laid On Tinder" is more expensive than most other programs out there because I spent YEARS testing and tweaking everything else out there.

If I came across a book about Tinder I bought it and tested everything in it. If I read an article, I tested and tweaked over and over again.

Honestly, this program was MORE EXPENSIVE before my friend mentioned that some people wouldn't be able to afford it when it first came out!

When you sign up and purchase How To Get Laid On Tinder you're not just buying my course. You're buying everyone else's programs, books, courses, videos, articles and everything else that I've consumed and paid for myself. You're also buying the literal years I spent adjusting, testing and tweaking every little tiny thing you could possibly imagine. Some of which is so tiny that you’d have to be a professional photographer just to see some of the tiny differences. Differences such as exposure, contrast or even the amount of bokeh by the smallest of percentages.

My course is more expensive than most others because it's a combination of more than just my experiences and knowledge. It's also one of, if not THE ONLY course to my knowledge, that walks you through both theory and practical application. Not just walk you through the pictures as well as the messages themselves. But also everything that comes before and after because those are just as important. That means how to set up dates after you message as well as when to ask her out. And that also includes how to get FREE professional pictures and even the mindsets you’ll need to have going into the photo shoot.

Stuff that I’ve only learned from dabbling in photography myself. Something that nobody else brings to the table when they sell you online dating programs.

It doesn't only tell you what to do it tells you how to do it so that it fits YOUR PERSONALITY.

Because let's face it, I could tell you how to copy me and you'd get dates. But those dates wouldn't go anywhere because my personality isn't yours.

That's why my course is more expensive. It shows you step-by-step how to tailor everything I've learned to fit you and your goals.